Presentation at Chandler AZ Book Club

All this and dinner too!  Susan and I had a great time discussing Twisted by the Wind with this book club group in Chandler, Arizona.  They had each read the book prior to the meeting, so it was really fun to hear their comments and share some of the inspirations that led to the stories related in the book.
Members Tina and Karyn dishing up a delicious shrimp salad.

Karyn & hostess Katherine share a laugh.
Member Susan joins in.
When they started pulling out their copies of my book, I knew I was talking to my kind of people.

A good time was had by all!  Great food, wonderful conversation and good wine.  What could be better?

Thanks to my wonderful wife Susan for taking the pictures and being such a supportive partner, and to Katherine for inviting me to share my book with the nice ladies in her book club.